Justin Bieber – Heartbreaker Easy Piano Tutorial & Sheet Music (How To Play On Synthesia)

Hello again! I’m proud to show here for the 1st time a Justin Bieber song:)
So let’s go with the Heartbreaker piano tutorial on Synthesia & piano sheet music!

This is the 1st single of his new album, and I have to be honest:
damn, I really like the calm R&B atmosphere inside this song

(though my favourite song by him is As long as you love me
for the beat: awesome!)

He explained wrote this song because he suffered for love reasons, and he wanted to share his
past sadness with his fans.

Ok, but we aren’t sad, we are soooo positive, so:
are you ready to learn to play the song?! YEah?!?! Cool!

This is my 3rd easy piano tutorial on Synthesia: have a good time 😉

Heartbreaker Tutorial + Sheet Music + Midi

Get the sheet music:
Heartbreaker sheet music

Watch the tutorial and download the FREE Midi!

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